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Stlfamilylife - Why is it considered bad luck to walk under a ladder?. It may be bad luck to walk under a ladder for a variety of more practical concerns first off, if a person is on the ladder, a walk under it might endanger either person; some ladders are not particularly safe second, a ladder up to a roof might suggest people are working on a roof walking under the ladder might endanger the person on the. Superstition walking under a ladder psychic library. The superstition associated with walking under a ladder is that it will bring you bad luck one origin of this superstition dates back to medieval times, in which the ladder symbolized the gallows a place where persons were hanged so when someone walked under a ladder, it was believed that he would surely face his own death by hanging. Why is walking under a ladder supposed to be unlucky. If you're superstitious, walking through the streets can feel like navigating a field of bad luck landmines don't let a black cat cross your path step on a crack, break your mother's back and never walk under a ladder! with constant construction going on in many big cities today, the ladder one. Is walking under a ladder bad luck? yahoo answers. Best answer: it's common sense not to in my opinion you never know what is waiting to fall on you from above there are a couple of theories about where the "walking under a ladder is bad luck" superstition came from the one mentioned above that walking under a ladder was akin to blaspheming comes. Is walking under a ladder bad luck? yahoo answers. Is walking under a ladder bad luck? is it true supersticious people believe that it is very unlucky, as is a black cat crossing your path and walking on cracks in the road and breaking a mirror, but i have done all these things and i'm pretty lucky i suppose if you believe you will have bad luck by walking under a ladder, a black cat. The 'walking under ladder' superstition can be traced to. In dreams, a ladder was believed to symbolize that an individual was about to achieve a transition to get a higher state of awareness today, the superstition of ladders is still associated with bad luck according to tradition, if you walk under a ladder you can avoid bad luck through the ladder's rungs, or cross your fingers until you see a dog. Most common superstitions "walking under a ladder" the. The walking under a ladder superstition many of us might have heard from our grand parents to be careful while walking on the streets as you might encounter a ladder placed i n your way and if it happens do not walking under it because it will result in bad luck and disappointment for you. Bad luck superstitions: spilling salt, breaking a mirror. Walking under a ladder instinctively, we often avoid walking under a ladder, probably simply out of fear that it might collapse onto us or something might fall on our head however, apart from common sense, there is another origin to the superstition that walking under a ladder brings bad luck. Why is walking under ladders bad luck?. Walking under the ladder broke the power produced by the sacred pyramid, creating lousy luck how to "undo" bad luck if you find yourself under an ma ladder, have no fear there are many ways you can reverse the damage it's thought that you can "undo" your newfound bad luck by walking back under the ladder. How many years of bad luck do you get from walking under a. Best answer: i don't think there are specific years of bad luck if you walk under a ladder that's 7 years bad luck if you break a mirror, but i doubt there are years of bad luck with the ladder here is why this superstition of walking under a ladder got started: in the days before the gallows, criminals.

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Bad Luck Walking Under A Ladder The Blog Of Bad

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